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A Concierge’s Day

This week when I was purchasing supplies for a client’s dinner party I noted how stressful doing some of the simplest of tasks must become.

As Personal Concierges, we get many requests to go shopping for birthdays, Christmas, appliances, gardening supplies, food and everything in between.

The list consisted of 8 food and 2 hardware items, easy enough I thought, just pop into any of the major supermarkets & hardware outlets and I should be done in no time!

The hardware items ended up being purchased in 2 different stores as the Bunnings closest to the client’s home did not have the available stock, but parking was easy and there were plenty of staff on hand to advise where to locate the things I needed.

Next door to the Bunnings was a Woolworths which I thought was going to save me time on behalf of our client by being able to continue with the food portion of the list.

Again, it was soon realised the task was becoming not as easy as I had first thought.  The supermarket did not have 3 of the main components necessary for the dinner but again parking and assistance was readily available.

Into the car again and onto the farmers market where after purchasing two of the remaining items I was advised that I would have to pay at this specific checkout as the butcher was separate even though they were in the same building space.

Admittedly there was no queuing, and again being a weekday morning service was fast and efficient but… the result was 1 hour from start to finish and 5 till receipts for 10 items!

I can only imagine how this same process would play out if you are rushing home from work or at the weekend with the hordes of other shoppers. The parking and available service would be at a premium, the queues and lack of produce would be greater and the time to complete would be easily be doubled.

Online shopping can also have its own set of issues!

So what are your time and anxiety levels worth?

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