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Once a year, we are inundated with cards, beautiful festive pictures filled with good cheer and updates on the year just been.

Are you a Keeper or a Thrower?

But what happens after Christmas? If you are a keeper of Christmas and greeting cards, why do you keep them, is it to look back and reminisce? Or do you use the cards as a list on who to send for next year?

As most things, cards are hard to manage when we let them get out of control, so I’d like to share with you my tips on how to manage your greeting cards.

How to deal with Sentimental Clutter

Firstly look at why you are keeping them. If it’s purely to remember who to send to next year, we recommend you make a list instead. Whether it’s online or simply a hand written list kept with your blank Christmas cards, you will be saving space and it will be much easier to keep track of and manage.

If you are keeping your cards for sentimental reasons, we recommend that you look at each card and decide whether it’s really worth keeping them:

  1. Is there a nice personal message in the card or is it a generic message with a signature? I would suggest only keeping the cards that have a personal message with special meaning to you.
  2. Are you keeping the card because you like the design of the card or because of the person that sent it to you? If you are keeping the card because of the design, what will you use it for?
    If you are using them to make gift tags next year, tear off the image and store with your Christmas and other special ocassion wrapping paper ready to use next year.
  3. Have you kept cards from previous years? How often do you look at them and how many do you have? If you enjoy looking back and remember the past, make sure you are not keeping hold of so much that you become overwhelmed instead, doesn’t this negate the pleasure? Keeping a select few with special meaning will bring much more joy.

For the ones you want to keep, there are different ways you can organise the cards – you could scrap book them, keep them in a memorabilia box or scan to keep a digital record and throw the physical cards away.

A memorabilia box is a great way to keep all your sentimental items safe in one place. If you like the idea and don’t have one, first of all think about where you will keep the container, if you often look at your memorabilia then consider buying a decorative box that goes with your decor and have it on display in your home. If you don’t look at it often consider buying a water-proof and air-tight container to store in your garage or store room. If you have photos going into this box, make sure the box is acid free so that your photos are preserved.

One way of making sure your memorabilia doesn’t get out of hand is to decide on a maximum, in other words, decide which container you will use and once it is full something has to go before anything else can be added.

Group cards by person or year and tie a ribbon around them, punch a hole in the corner and attach them together or find a small box to keep them all in before putting them in the memorabilia box.  If you have a lot from one person – have a reread of point 3 and make sure you really want to keep all of them.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of sentimental items you have, we can help. Simply contact Finer Details for friendly professional help decluttering/organising your home or office.

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