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Organising your seasonal stuff!

We all have those bits of camping gear, picnic baskets and rugs, backpacks and other seasonal stuff but where and how do we store them?

A lot of modern homes and some not so new are not blessed with the large garden shed our parents once had.  You know the Aladdin’s Cave housing almost anything you needed with the bonus of a thick layer of dust.

These days we try to squeeze our possessions into apartments, cottage homes and streamlined designer houses that never seem to have sufficient storage for everyday things let alone the seasonal stuff we collect.

Shopping tips:

  • How often will we/I use it?
  • Will it fit in my current living space?
  • Can I borrow from a friend or family member instead of buying?
  • Do I really need it or can i make do with an alternative that I already own?

Quite possibly you already own an array of seasonal stuff and already have the storage issues.  So here are a few solutions you may not have considered to accommodate your belongings.

  • Look up – do you have ceiling or roof space not being utilised whether it be in your home or garage
  • Walls – garage walls are a great spot to store tools, bikes etc. And look at the side of your house which usually is under the cover of your eaves for another storage spot.
  • Top shelves of linen or laundry cupboards, the bits that are hard to get to – storage tubs can ensure you get the maximum use from these spaces
  • Slimline sheds – these can be erected down the side of the house, next to the garage or in the corner near the clothes line

So now you have a few options but remember if you don’t use it or it is broken either donate or get rid of it as it is taking up valuable real estate in your home and life.

Our team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips or if you would like friendly professional help organising your home contact us now.






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