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Various board games and many figurines background

So the school holidays are almost over, you have done the family camping thing, a couple of day trips into the city and surrounds for school holiday activities and now what?

The kids are bored and you are just wanting to put your feet up and enjoy the lack of making lunches, rushing out the door and organising sports and other after school activities!

Bring out the board games. Jigsaws, chess, draughts, checkers, Monopoly, the institution of Scrabble and my all-time favourite Yahtzee!!

it also gives you an opportunity to check and see if your children have out grown any or there are peices missing/broken or perhaps the boxes need mending or they need to be stored in a new containers and labelled.  These are all things most primary aged children and older can assist with, it is a great lesson in decluttering and organisation without it being an overwhelming task.

Giving to those less fortunate is also a great experience for children to have,  those items they no longer use, perhaps a trip to a childrens refuge is something you can plan for another day.

Board games can teach your children:

  • Math skills
  • How to follow rules
  • How to take turns
  • Action = consequence
  • Thinking ahead
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • How to be a good sport

And so much more……Is it such a bad thing to show children that loosing occasionally does not mean the world will open up and swallow them? Think of all the positives they can gain from an hour or two away from the digital devices in their lives.

It gives the family time together to sit, play and chat about other things. So this school holidays, dust off the board games, clear the table and actually play with the kids.

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