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Now that Christmas gifts have been opened chances are you have noticed there is a lot of excess clutter especially if you have children. Now is a great time to have a clean-up and start the year with a clean slate

There are probably piles of last year’s school, study or work and domestic paperwork and a whole heap of clothing that probably has seen its day.

  • Don’t buy more storage until after you have decluttered and organised.
  • Be mindful of the storage space you have and try to eliminate excess
  • Group like minded items together
  • No longer used items can be donated
  • Put aside things to get repaired so possessions will be used
  • Old technology – phones and computers can be dropped off or collected
  • A good rule to use is the one in one out philosophy – in comes a new pair of shoes and an old pair goes out, same goes for items of clothing, toys, books etc. you get the idea.

A great tip is to have a basket/box for each member of the household and at the end of the day each person is to collect everything that is theirs and does not belong in the main living areas of the home get put in the basket/box and then they put away in their space.

If they don’t help clean up you can store it and use the items as a trade for another household chore to be done in return for their items.

Be selective when keeping memorabilia, it is easy to get carried away and end up with a lot of items that you won’t refer to. If you want a keepsake, pick one or two special pieces from each year.  For the others perhaps take photos of them or even frame them as artwork.

Hopefully these few tips will help you and your family keep on top of the clutter.

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