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Renovating can be stressful and having to deal with a house that is also full of clutter can push stress levels through the roof, if you are about to embark on this journey read our renovating tips.

To help people in this situation, I have teamed up with three other businesses to run a UWA workshop on home makeovers this March.  In this workshop we will guide you through the key stages of de-cluttering and organising your home for a renovation, planning and executing amazing renovations, designing stylish and contemporary spaces, and dressing your home with art.

To give you a taster, Kellie Dobbie our renovations project manager from Transformations has given us her top 5 tips that she applies to every renovations project.  Read Kellie’s top 5 tips on renovating below – to learn more, and to hear from myself, Kelly Jennings from Inside Out Design and Fleur Allen from Interactive Arts come to our dedicated UWA Workshop.

Last Month’s Stick’nGo Label Pack competition has been drawn – congratulations to:

Mike Hill who won a Deluxe 52 Cable Label pack for best entry.

Susie Ascott who won a Multi-colour 32 Cable Label pack as the runner-up.

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Renovating tips

Whether renovating your home or an investment property we all want to achieve the following;

  • A well organised renovation that keeps to time, budget and where headaches are minimised
  • A comfortable, stylish and functional space or home that we want to live in and that others will too
  • A renovation that achieves an instant increase in the value of the property

Here are Kellie’s top five tips to help achieve this:

  1. What is the purpose of renovating? From making space to giving a lift, there are so many reasons, and you’ll know yours. Now, if you never plan to sell and adding value is less of an issue that adding style, comfort and function you may not need to read on. But if your renovation is about more than this consider the following
  2. How do you add the biggest bang for your buck? If you plan to sell straight away or somewhere in the next five years, consider the needs of your potential buyers.  If you want to add instant value find out which homes in your area are selling at peak price and what they have that you can add. The general rule is that if the kitchen and bathroom present well, this adds value and attracts buyers. So as a rule stick to this, but think about ways that you can make them more attractive as cheaply as possible. The addition of handles, re-laminating versus replacing, a new paint job and de-cluttering can make all the difference.
  3. It all starts with a plan.  Write it all down, yes that’s right go from room to room and make a plan. This will detail what will stay, what you’ll remove and what’s needed and better still this is what you’ll use as your guide for tradespeople. I often work on a Plan A (my ideal) and a Plan B (what I’ll do if my budget doesn’t cover Plan  A) and you can ask for quotes for both.
  4. Who do you need to help?  Your plan will provide you with the information you need to work out who you need to complete your renovation project. Going with recommended trades people always beats calling someone on wing and a prayer, so ask around for recommendations.
  5. How do you schedule it?  This isn’t always something you can work out easily on your own but start by asking tradespeople how they would work on a particular job (would they come once, or need to come back), will they be the first in or would another trades person need to come in before them, ask them how long they’ll need to complete the job etc. AND rule out two hours on one or two days where they will all come and quote.
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