Reduce clutter and gain time!

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Reduce clutter gain time

By taking care of the clutter in your life you could gain an extra hour per day !

This is the amount of time spent looking for things they can’t find. Total that up and you have more than 15 days per year that you could reclaim for doing things you actually want to do.

Imagine an additional holiday days that have previously been wasted on something that can be prevented?

A couple of quick tips on how you can start to reduce clutter and gain time in your life

  • Start small, don’t pick the worse room in your home to tackle 3 hours before your are going out or expecting visitors.  Maybe try a cupboard or storage area to begin with to refine your organising style.
  • Visualise how you want your space to look and feel.  What is the main function of the space eg: desk, kitchen, laundry. Do you want a calm and relaxed space for reading or is it a work area that requires functionality as the main priority.
  • Remove everything that doesn’t belong , items  that are broken or no longer used. Consider donating excess goods to charity. Clutter can cause you to feel overwhelmed and unfocused, clearing work spaces improves productivity.
  • Sort the area into zones and have like objects all in the same area. Even if you are clearing your desk you can sort it into specific areas so that all important job isn’t on the bottom of a pile of paperwork and all the tools you need are in easy reach.
  • Label storage containers so that others you may share the space with will also know the new placement areas.
  • The walls in a space are quite often an untapped storage area, slim shelves so as not to overwhelm the zone can be utilised for a multitude of items. Hooks can also be a great way to have items in full view for use or something that has sentimental value.  Don’t over cram the walls, but having the odd thing here and there will personalise your space.

Stand back and enjoy.  Now you have gained some free time, how good does it feel  and what are you going to utilise the extra hours for ?

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