Decluttering ready for the New Year – kitchen part one

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It’s boxing day today and I’m getting ready to welcome the New Year in.

It’s great to start the New Year with a fresh clean home and as a tradition I always de-clutter and clean my home before the new year.  As a professional organiser, this is something I do on a regular basis but it always has more meaning at this time of year!

I have procrastinated over filming a de-clutter at my home for a few reasons…

I think the biggest reason is I don’t spend a lot of money on my home, I live alone and most of my energy and resources go into my passion – Finer Details Personal Concierge Services.  So I worry a little over what people will think…

Another reason is I don’t have any editing programs yet to show you a seamless video of the process!

And lastly, I need to spruce up my camera presenting skills

I procrastinated over making these clips and I know that a lot of people also procrastinate over de-cluttering their homes.  So this is my way of saying, we don’t need to be perfect – for me, my self talk is…

I’m organised, I just don’t have all the wonderful organising solutions I would like to have….I will download an editing program for future clips (highly likely to be in the new year) and practice is the best thing to improve my presenting skills.

As Nike and my life coach, Susie say ‘Just do it’

A couple of things that will help you with your de-clutter...

  1. First one seems obvious, dress down for the occasion as it is a messy job (as you can see, I have!).
  2. Look at your schedule and make your de-clutter sessions fit in with the rest of your life.  Today I scheduled in one hour before getting ready to go to a Boxing day lunch…it doesn’t need to be a huge chunk of time.
  3. Break the task down into smaller do-able chunks.
  4. Have a look at Finer Details website for tips on how to de-clutter.
  5. and don’t forget to reward yourself (opps, should I really have had those chocolates before going to lunch…).

If you would like friendly professional help with your de-clutter / organise – contact Finer Details or if you would like to attend my Tidy Solution workshop through UWA extension, here are the details

I’m starting in the kitchen, with the drawers – here are my clips, warts and all 🙂




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