Ten things to purge immediately!

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Ten things to purge immediately!

Time to purge and declutter to free up some space. Don’t know where to begin, use our list of 10 things to purge from your home now and make a start!!

Tackle one group at a time and you will be amazed at how liberating removing unused items from your home and life can feel.
  1. Saved buttons – Have you ever actually replaced a button?   Keep the ones that are unusual perhaps as they may be hard to source if needed
  2. Old magazines & newspapers – clip the articles out you are really interested in if you must but generally the information is readily available online and  has more recent content
  3. Out of date make-up – this can be harmful to use when it is out of date
  4. Old birthday cards – When do you look at them?  The memory is with you, not in a card.
  5. Odd socks – if you haven’t found the partner chances are it has been lost so get rid of them
  6. Old bills and receipts – most billing history is available online now so you can access it if you need to and  shred receipts for items that you no longer own.
  7. Expired medicines – should never be used so out they go, most chemists take them.
  8. Mystery cords & outdated electronics – got a box of cords you have never used and don’t know what they belong to and still got the original MP3 or iPod that you haven’t touched in forever?  If you haven’t used by now you most probably won’t.
  9. Plastic shopping bags – buy a couple of reusable ones and keep one in the car so you don’t use plastic – most of the major supermarkets have bins for recycling plastic bags near their entry.
  10. Unused kitchen gadgets – the donut maker, ice cream machine, chocolate fountain etc.. regift or donate

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