Are you a pro at procrastination?

by Sara Hall. Posted in personal goals

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“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” Victor Kiam

‘Blog about procrastination’ has been on the top of my to-do list for a few weeks now…was it the subject that crept into my mind and held me captive, was I putting the task off? Many of our clients tell us they procrastinated over getting organised before taking the plunge and contacting Finer Details.  After seeing and feeling the benefits of being organised they wished they had started the journey early. It’s so easy to procrastinate over a task, especially when it is something as overwhelming as decluttering. So with this in mind I went to see Dr Lisa Saulsman from The Centre For Clinical Intervention (CCI) in Perth, to chat about the Overcoming Procrastination modules Dr Saulsman co-wrote.

Here are three small steps you can take to start a project or task like decluttering an area:

  1. Break the job down into small bite sized achievable pieces;
  2. Schedule the bit sized tasks in your diary and stick to them, even 10 minutes will make a difference;
  3. Reward yourself after each step.

Do you have a task that has been weighing you down?   The first small step could be reading module one of the Overcoming Procrastination modules.

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Sara excels at helping her clients get rid of clutter and become more organised. Her knowledge and understanding of working with different people, and responding to their individual needs, means she excels at providing home and office organising services.