Are you planning to downsize?

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Are you planning to downsize?

So you’ve made the decision to downsize and enjoy a life filled with less possessions and cleaning, instead opting for more experiences and memories.

Where to start once you have found the ideal home?  Many years of accumulating furniture, kick-knacks, mementos  and clothing etc. is just not going to fit into a space half or possibly even a third of the size you move to.

  • Assess what is really necessary and do you really love it that much that it is worthy of a place in your new downsized home?  This is a time of change and opportunity to start a new stage of life, do you want to drag yesterday’s clutter into it ?
  • Draw a to scale plan, that’s if  you didn’t receive copies of the original floor plan and work out where you want to place those furniture pieces that you just don’t want to part with.  You might be surprised at what you actually can or can’t fit.  Ask family and friends if there is anything that they particularly want and sell or donate the rest

Sentimental items:

When it comes to sentimental items, if it is something you are keeping to pass on, why not pass on now, while you are able to personally give it to the recipient and see their enjoyment.

Paper is another accumulation – 80% of that which is kept, is never referred to again. Be ruthless, only hang on to items that are necessary for tax, current documents (insurances, investments, warranties etc.) or forms of identification ( license, passport , will etc.). The majority of utilities, bank statements, and credit documents are available online so a paper copy is not essential to hang on to.

These days you can download manuals for appliances onto a hard drive or the cloud for easy reference, thus saving hanging onto bulky booklets that take up valuable space.

Photos can also be scanned onto other devices reducing the volume of space they consume.  This also makes for easy viewing on your computer or a digital photo frame, and a lot more portable.

You can take photos of items that you wish to remember rather than keeping them in a physical state. Don’t waste money or energy moving items that you will never, use, look at or that does not evoke fond memories.

Happy moving

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