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To be productive in your work you must have a functional work space, so here are a few tips to help plan your work area.

  • Lighting – ensure you have sufficient natural or artificial lighting to enable you to see what you are doing
  • Desk space – all desks need some area to write, some people require this more than others so take into consideration how you work
  • Seating – a comfortable and ergonomic place to sit can have a large impact on your back and arms. It must be at the correct height for you and your work space
  • Storage – the tools of your trade must be easy to locate and put away. Functional storage will keep your area neat and tidy
  • Inspiration – whether it be a card or poster, quote or a board to write down ideas having a little place for inspiration around can keep you on track
  • Use wall space rather than clutter your work area
  • Archive old, unused paperwork to free up space
  • Plan to leaving your desk tidy at the end of every day, you will be surprised how much better it feels to walk in to a clear workspace

Work spaces are as individual as those who work in them so one size doesn’t fit all. The way I file my paperwork might seem totally irrational to you. Some like access to items at hand, others prefer the minimalist look with everything away in its place. Generally a clean uncluttered area works best for most.

Things to also considerif your work area is shared or in open view to others

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