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Full white pantry with wire baskets and floral shelves --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It’s a bit like a wardrobe, you can stand and stare into a full food cupboard but you don’t feel any inspiration. Having an organised pantry can make the world of difference in making choices whether it be in cooking or what is needed while shopping. Being organised need not take a lot of money as there are many affordable storage solutions available. Look for other items that may be lurking in the back of the shelves that don’t belong in this space or are never used. Do you really need to keep them, if so can you store them in an out of the way spot to make sure the pantry is used for only the purpose it was designed for. The top shelves can house rarely used items like large platters that don’t fit into other kitchen cupboards or drawers, but make sure it is not just a dumping ground for all your “what if” (might need it) objects. Here are a few tips to help getting started:

  • Use the eye level shelves for the most used items
  • Like products should be stored together e.g. tins with tins, pasta with pasta etc.
  • Face items towards the front  so the label where possible is easy to read
  • When adding newer items place behind or under a like product so the older is used first
  • Regularly check for out of date items
  • Store opened packets in plastic containers to ensure freshness
  • Buying bulk on sale is all well and good but will you use it before it expires?

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