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Organising booksMany people keep books, with every intention of reading them but unfortunately in today’s busy society, they can often stay unread.  If you are someone who is overloaded with books, I would strongly suggest looking at what you have and being realistic on whether you will ever get around to reading them all.  Could you make a list of the books you want to read and get them from the library or download them onto a kindle?

If you have limited space in your home, it’s a good idea to make a bookshelf your maximum, and by this I mean, when the bookshelf is full, de-cluttering your books before you buy anymore.

After de-cluttering, sort the books into categories that make sense to you and your family. I have a small bookcase, I made this my maximum and have a different category on each shelf.  My categories are Art books and photo albums; hobbies (walking, camping, climbing); novels this is my ‘read and give away shelf’ and my last shelf houses my memorabilia books (books from parents and grand parents – opps these fell over when I took the photo!) and dictionaries.

What would work for you, you could organise by subject, family member, author.  Have sub categories of romance, drama, thriller, biographies, sports.

If you have small children who enjoy reading, consider putting their books on lower shelves.

I don’t recommend making the titles in alphabetical order because this is a lot of work to maintain.

A lot of our clients keep an abundance of cookery books but go online for recipes, if this is the case for you, really look at which ones you use and think about why you are keeping the ones you don’t look at.


For any type of reference book – if you are struggling to work out which books to keep, one solution is to put all the cookery or reference books in a box and everytime you reference one, take it out and put it back on the shelf – after one month, look at which books are still in the box and really consider whether you need them (think about how clutter makes you feel).  If you do this put a reminder in your calender to look at the books after one month.

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