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As with any storage solutions, we highly recommend you don’t buy anything until you have de-cluttered the area, otherwise storage items can very easily become more clutter.   Look at what items you have, keep like-minded things together and find a storage solution which will house the items so that they are easy to access (or store, depending on how frequently you use the items) and put away.

Decide on a budget, make a shopping list of all the storage items you want for the area you are working on, be clear on where they will be placed, take measurements and make sure it will fit,  and then buy the items.

When choosing storage containers, we recommend you find a brand you like and stick to it as much as possible.    They look nicer when they all match, and will stack much easier. Note down the brand and where you got it from (Tip – once you have bought one of the containers, make up a label with the brand name and where you buy them from and stick it on the side of the container for reference).

At Finer Details, for general use plastic containers we use the Classique collection,  which are found at Bunnings and Big W.

Storage containers – Classique Collection

We like them because they come in different sizes.  The shallow options are perfect for heavy items or many small items.  They are sturdy and waterproof.

It’s a good idea to use a few smaller containers, rather than one large container as the container will be easier to lift and it is much easier to find things within it.

We recommend you label 3 sides of each container (the top, shorter side and longer side) so no matter how you store the containers or if you need to move them, you will be able to have a label showing outwards.  Add as much detail as possible to the labels and if needed add a list to the top of the box.

A really great use for a container, is using one as  a memory box for keeping anything that is meaningful, special or personal to you – something that tells your story.

Most people have thank you cards on the fridge, old wedding invitations on a notice board, special cards, and things from their childhood dotted around.

Anything that is memorabilia and not in a frame or that you don’t want on permanent display we suggest placing it in a memory box.

A lot of our clients have memorabilia in amongst their daily things getting ratty and torn. So a memory box is a great solution for them.

If you like this idea, consider where you will keep the memory box before buying one.  If it will be stored away in a garage or store room, make sure it is plastic and airtight (don’t forget to label it!).  If you look at your memorabilia regularly, then maybe a decorative box that you could have on display would work for you.


  1. If you are keeping memorabilia for when your children are grown up, we suggest labelling a container for each child and storing things for that child in it.  It’s a great birthday present when they are older.   Consider using the box as a maximum and once it is full, re-look at the items to see if you still want to keep them all.  A few items are much more likely to be treasured and looked at.
  2. If you save greeting cards from special occasions, look for ones that don’t have any personalized message in them.  If it’s just a card with a signature in it, is it really worth keeping?

Things to consider when looking for containers:

  • Do the containers come in different sizes, so that you can continue to use the same brand for different sized items?
  • Is it sturdy and will it last?
  • Is the container waterproof and airtight, if you need it to be?
  • Will you be storing photos and similar items?  Look for acid free containers.
  • Will you be storing food?  Look for BPA free containers.
  • Will you be able to lift the box when it is full?
  • Do you want the container to have wheels?

All too hard? Simply contact Finer Details if you want friendly professional help organising your home or office.

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