Organising a deceased estate?

by Heather Gibson. Posted in Busy professionals, De-cluttering, General, Home organising, Office organising, Paperwork

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Loosing a loved one and then organising a deceased estate can be a harrowing experience.

Having been through the situation, we are fully aware of the many hoops you must jump through to get simple tasks completed.

Family and friends may not live close by therefore unable to help  and as the executor the burden of making arrangements and sorting through your relatives or friends home can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Hours spent on the phone to trades, services and providers can exasperate even the calmest of natures in people combined with the emotions of grieving.

You may require someone to accompany you to make funeral arrangements for moral support, do the physical sort, pack, arrange the sale and donation of home contents, all done in accordance with the family’s wishes and details of the deceased estate.

Tasks such as the disconnection of services, removal of rubbish, garden clean up, repairs, maintenance and sourcing a reputable Real Estate Agent for a future sale or rental.  Valuations on art work, jewellery, antiques and vehicles can be tedious and draining.

You may require the process to be carried out in a timely manner due to varying reasons.  There are services who can assist you, taking the stress out of an emotional time.

The Finer Details team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips and Concierge Services or if you would like friendly professional help organising your life and home contact us now.

Heather’s love of organising and helping others has been applied and developed over the years and in 2012 she realised that performing these roles was what gave her the most enjoyment and satisfaction.