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My monday morning starting with a bang…fizzle, as I turned my computer on to be greeted with a black screen and a slow dawning that something had happened to the main artery of my business – my computer.

With the knowledge that I have reliable and competent IT support, my fear and stress resided as I took action to sort the issue out.  The ever efficient Computer Resolution team were on hand to look after my computer and I decided to take this opportunity to organise those pesky computer cables that were cluttering up the back of my desk (one of those tasks that seem to get shoved down my own to-do list as I look after other peoples tasks – yes, a bit like the painter who house never gets painted!).

So if this is a job that you need to do too, here is how I recommend you tackled it:

  1. Make sure the power for all computer related items are turned off at the wall
  2. Unplug each cable from the back of the computer tower.   If you are concerned that you will not know where to plug what on return, use masking tape (or similar) to temporarily label each cable and the corresponding connection – use a simple numbering system.
  3. Move the tower out of the way (this is a good time to clean the tower and make sure dust is not clogging up the vents and connections)
  4. Untangle the cables and separate them out so that it is easy to see the source of each cable (what it is for)
  5. Label each cable (put the label at the less obvious end eg for the printer – label the end that connects into the back of the computer; for the power cord of the computer, label close to the plug).  I use Stick’nGo (pictured below) to label my cables. This is also a good time to wipe each cable down.
  6. Use a cable organiser like IKEA’s Signum range (pictured below) to keep the cables off the ground and untangled.
  7. Clean the area where the computer tower lives before returning it and reconnecting all the cables.
  8. Tie up any excess cables using cable ties, elastic bands, velcro straps or string

Examples of organising solutions


All done!  And next time you need to unplug one item, you won’t need to spend half an hour crawling under the desk trying to follow one cable through a maze of other tangled cables.

If you would like friendly professional help with your de-clutter / organise – contact Finer Details now.

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