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Last week I was helping a client organise her garage.  Like many people she uses the area for a multitude of different items, ranging from business to hobbies and sports gear.

As we went through the process and I quizzed her on the items she wanted to keep, donate and throw away, we came to her collection of craft hobbies.   These hobbies took up a lot of valuable space and I asked her if they were hobbies that still interested her, gave her enjoyment, and that she found time to do.

Having given a definite ‘yes’ to all of these questions, she seemed to still hesitate on the space the hobbies took up in the garage.

As Professional Organisers we help people get organised and a large part of the process is getting rid of things that are no longer needed or used.  It’s important to differentiate between being swamped with items of no value and being unorganized with items that are loved and needed even if they are space invaders.

This got me to thinking of hobbies and other space taking items.  At what point does minimalising stuff to organise a room take away from someone’s enjoyment.  Having a wonderful tidy room is great but not at the expense of what you enjoy doing.

If you have a hobby that takes up valuable space and you are wondering whether or not to keep it, here are some things to think about:

  1. How long have you had the hobby and when did you last do it?
  2. Is it a current interest?
  3. Is it a guilt hobby (where you think you should be doing it as opposed to you want to do it)?
  4. What are your reasons for wanting to keep it?
  5. Does it bring you enjoyment?

If answering these questions has helped you decide to keep the hobby, then here are a few things you may like to do:

  • If you don’t want to hire a professional organiser, you might like to ask a friend to help you.
  • Gather everything to do with the hobby into one location.
  • Look through the items and make sure you still need everything and get rid of anything you don’t.
  • If there are doubles – consider whether you really need them and if you can’t decide, consider how much it would cost to replace if needed versus how much space it takes up.
  • Then consider where you keep the items, do you have one designated area for all related hobby items?  If not, wouldn’t it be easier to have them all in the same place.
  • Are they easily accessible and stored? If they are not quick to hand – how often do you do the hobby and is it less than you would like to but it’s too annoying to get out and put away?  Could you consider another storage solution to make it easier?

If you have decided to no longer keep the hobby, is it worth selling or is there someone you could give it to who would really cherish it.

Most of us are quite focused on our jobs and businesses and forget the importance of having down time to rejuvenate and concentrate on fun stuff.

Yes, the craft items were bulky, but they were much loved and a great distraction from my clients successful business.

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