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2 days until 2011, and I’m busy organising my home ready to welcome in the new year.

I’m a little off schedule after having a headache all afternoon 🙁

I completed decluttering my dining room yesterday, so I still have something to share 🙂

A couple more tips for you:

  1. When you declutter an area, use a table or surface to sort your items onto.  Gather all like-minded items together and lay them out in front of you on a surface.  Have a look at how many double ups you have, look at which items you haven’t used in a while or have never used – remember how clutter makes you feel and decide which items you want to keep and get rid of.
  2. It’s really easy to get distracted when de-cluttering, especially if you are going through memorabilia – don’t go down memory lane until after the de-clutter otherwise you risk getting nothing done!

This was at the back of my mind as I tackled my dining room which is filled with items handed down to me, as well as my recent birthday and christmas cards –  staying focused and not getting distracted is one of the keys to successful de-cluttering!

Here is what my dining room looked like before I de-cluttered:


Another couple of tips:

  1. Look at whether your items are housed in the correct room.  I had a bowl with 2 sauces bowls displayed in one of my cabinets.  I put them here when I first received them as a gift with every intention of using them…I always forget I have them so it makes more sense to put them in the kitchen with my other bowls…I will still get the pleasure of looking at them when I use them
  2. If you find items that belong elsewhere, either label a box ‘elsewhere’ or put the items by the door to put away later.  If you leave the area, not only do you risk getting distracted by something else, it is also very time consuming to put things away as you find them.

Here is my dining room after the de-clutter…


And lastly I quickly go through a set of drawers.  Decluttering will never be a one off event, to truly be clutter free we need to schedule in regular mini declutters which is something I do.  This last video shows you how quickly a declutter can be done when it is done on a regular basis…and how easy it is to do!


If you would like friendly professional help with your de-clutter / organise – contact Finer Details

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