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Organise paperwork for small projects or events - Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Perth

Below we share a really easy way to organise paperwork for small projects or events.  We’ve just finished organising some paperwork for a client, and  the system used would work well.

Sort what type of paperwork might you have, that would benefit from a system.  It might be on-going documents or one-off.  To provide some examples, they might be projects like,  a small home make-over or a party.  Paperwork that is on-going like,  a medical issue, a pet or other categories that you might have scattered around your house that all fall under one category (like manuals and instruction books).

The following tutorial has been broken down into steps:

  1. The issue;
  2. Sorting the paperwork;
  3. Organising the paperwork;
  4. What you need to create this system;
  5. Another way to use this system.

So can you relate with the following senario in this clip?

The first step to organising your paperwork is to sort.  As you go through this step, really have a look at the paperwork and make sure you need everything.  Look out for double-ups or paperwork that has been superseded (like a contract that has been updated) and throw away (or shred if the paperwork has personal information) anything you no longer want or need.  I have already done this step with my client before taking it away to be organised.

In this next clip, I show you a really easy way to sort your paperwork:

After sorting and purging.  The next step is to organise the paperwork:

In this next clip I show you what you need to get to create this system at home – the shopping list:

And in this final clip I show you how to use this system for manuals and instruction books:

If you have any questions or want any advice on sorting your paperwork, I would love to hear from you.

All too hard? Simply contact Finer Details if you want friendly professional help organising your home or office.

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