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This blog entry is dedicated to my January 2010 UWA Extension course group 🙂

For those of you who weren’t there, let me paint the scene…12 participants and I, together 2 hours a week for 3 weeks.  The course – ‘A Tidy Solution’ covered the key steps in de-cluttering and organising homes to turn an overwhelming task into an easily manageable project.

It’s been lovely to receive updates on how some of you are going with the process and it has reminded me of something…

At the beginning of the course, I mentioned that my slides included a couple of photos of my home.  At the end of the course, I was asked where the photos of my home were.  So I decided to show you a little more from behind my closed doors….gulp

During the presentation, I used two photos of my home as examples:  a photo of the inside of my linen closet door.

I used this as an example for thinking outside the square on storage solutions.

To look at the areas in our homes that are easy to access, think about the way we do things and how we could use areas more effectively.  For me this meant moving my shoes from my bedroom to a more central location (the back of my linen closet door) and using the small wall space within the closet to store often used items.

The second photo was of my plastic containers.

I used two examples for this – one of my client’s home and one of mine, to show different storage solutions.

Looking at the photos taken from my home, I purposefully took photos without tidying up first… every time I look at these photos I have the urge to straighten my shoes, recoil the extension cable and tidy up the lids!

I also spoke about my bathroom and how my main aim when I renovated was to have very little surfaces and more storage space – so that even guests had somewhere to store items and weren’t tempted to leave items out…so here’s my bathroom:

I live in a small unit, and don’t have that much space to work with – different lifestyles need different solutions, this bathroom works for me, but would not work well for a family (and neither would the size of my home!).

Our lives are fluid and forever changing; finding ways to adapt our home and habits helps accommodate these changes.

One big change for me was starting Finer Details Personal Concierge Services.  The changes I needed to look at – creating a home office and creating more storage space for work related items.

I live in a unit where spare space isn’t that easy to find.

When I moved things around to create my home office, I decided to merge two bookcases into one; I didn’t want to clutter up my small living space which meant getting rid of one of the bookcases.  For someone who is quite strict with clutter, I realised I had a thing for books and kept hold of books I had read and ‘thought’ I would read again.  Remember the four categories of clutter?  These were my ‘just in case’ clutter and had to go.  When I got rid of the books I had read, the remaining books all fit comfortably onto the remaining bookcase:

Note to self:  why didn’t I notice the books on the bottom shelf had fallen over!

I decided to use my garage to store charity items and my ‘organising kit’ in.  Part of my organising service is to collect any charity items that clients want to give away and then deliver them to one of my chosen charities.  The items get temporarily stored in my garage and are taken in bulk to the charities.

This is how I re-organised my garage:

I created two distinct zones, one personal (gardening and tools) and one work (charity collection and organising kit).  The net bag at the front of the photo is used to store Monica’s (my dog) walking stuff in.  I have to walk past it to collect Monica, so it’s perfectly located and it’s flat enough to not get in the way when my Xtrail is parked in the garage.   I keep most thinks off the ground so that the area is really easy to sweep.

Taking a closer look at the two zones – the personal zone:

My wheelbarrow also hangs on the wall, you can see the empty attachment to the left of the photo…I lent it to a friend

And the work zone:

The three shelves used to store my organising kit are the easiest to access as this is the shelving I use the most and is closest to the car.

As a small reminder –

  •        don’t forget the clutter cycle and consider if you need to keep the items
  •        treat the cause and not the symptoms
  •        de-clutter small areas at a time and work in zones
  •        Sort like items together
  •        look for storage solutions after  de-cluttering, otherwise storage items can also end up becoming clutter
  •        and lastly be gentle on yourselves

My next workshop will be a two hour talk through the City of Swan.

Some of the comments on my feedback forms:

I loved the competition and special offer, also the helpful websites and phone numbers etc.  I was able to tackle the clutter with a plan which really worked!!  Thank you!!

It was interesting to see how relaxed we all became over the 3 weeks.  It was a really good group and you helped the dynamics by being so relaxed and prepared to share.

Enjoyed it so much – could have gone on longer!! Well done Sara – loved the course!!

Thanks guys!!  You were a great group, and I hope you are seeing some positive changes.

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