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Every business owner has their own reason for starting a business.

Mine came down to wanting more of a challenge and knowing I was capable of more.

So with this in mind, I set up Finer Details Personal Concierge Services.  It incorporates my organising skills, while giving me the additional challenges of putting on all the different hats of a business owner.

Because this is a personal development journey, I have spent the last 4 years attending as many workshops as I can and become more self observant (as opposed to self obsessing :)).

My business is all about getting a life/work balance for my clients, a service much easier to sell when I live by the same principles.

So poor me, this also means I have made sure I spend plenty of time relaxing, and getting out  doing things I enjoy.

One of my favourite past-times is rock climbing, I started climbing because I wanted to conquer my fear of heights.

About a year ago at a Business Masters Club goal setting workshop, I made a goal to climb across the ceiling.   I’d noticed an interesting parallel between my climbing and other aspects of my life.  When I do well in one, I seem to do well in the other.  I wanted to put this to the test, to see what would happen if I really pushed through my fear, what would happen in the other areas of my life.

The 15th June 2010 was the date I set to achieve this goal and here is what happened…

Video of my August 2009 attempt – I know I can do better!!!

Lots of practice, lots of climbing and a month later, I got a little bit further….video of my second attempt

Like so many things in life, I had a few hurdles.  A bad back and no one to climb with were a couple of them.

So I decided to re-evaluate my goal.  There were two parts to the goal – , a climbing goal to improve my climbing enough to climb along one set route.  And my business goal to see what I was capable of, if I pushed past my fears.

With this in mind I decided to change my goal to just concentrate on pushing past my fear and getting to the end of the climb.

On the 15th June 2010, I tried again.

I would like to say, that I got to the end.  I managed to push past most of my fear, gripped by emotion and exhaustion, after trying again and again, I admitted defeat one move from the end.  And the video is too long to upload!

As this is a challenge I set myself for the Business Masters Club, I decided to give it one more go before the next workshop on 1st July 2010.  I gave it another try and in all honesty was ready to give up at the one but last hold – everytime I went to grab the hold, my arms felt like jelly and my hand felt like it was slipping off the hold.  You can’t hear it but my belayer continued to give me encouragement and wouldn’t let me give up.  So I gave it one more go…and I did it!

The climb is divided into 4 parts – Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 and Video 4

As for what I have noticed in the other areas of my life – although I am going from strength to strength – I know I am capable of more 🙂

Having this goal has given me a glimpse of what is possible if I really set my mind to something.  It was also a great reminder of the amazing family, friends and a whole new set of business owner friends who help me be who I want to be.

So what is your goal?

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