Month of madness

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December has arrived – the month of madness begins.

Unless you plan on hiding under a rock for the coming weeks there is planning to be done of some description. Lists need to be made, schedules to be locked in and the preparation is to begin.

  • Post Australian gifts or overseas air mail, as you are way too late for sea mail overseas
  • Work out your gift and food budget – for a detailed spreadsheet email us and it will be in your inbox within hours
  • Double check any reservations for holidays, get togethers etc. you have made or make the booking now if you had forgotten to prior
  • Instead of getting writer’s cramp sending out cards there are plenty of good quality online services that you can use instead

Chances are you haven’t had time to get to all your home maintenance over the year so it’s a great time before the entertaining begins.

  • Book in advance for lawns to be mowed
  • Test air conditioner
  • Get gutters cleaned
  • Arrange for window cleaning
  • Cut any trees or bushes back that may be covering traffic areas
  • Have the gas bottle refilled
  • Check BBQ and make sure it is in working order
  • Ensure all outdoor lights are working
  • Repaint or varnish outdoor furniture – check underneath for any damage, we don’t want Grandad falling through the chair before he has enjoyed his festive lunch!
  • Stock up on outdoor pest control
  • Test hose,  taps and sprinklers as they may have gotten clogged since not being used
  • Look for any uneven paving or damaged decking that needs repairing
  • Pool or spa maintenance and cleaning
  • Make sure all items not required are put away in the shed, garage or store room. Even the side of the house can be utilised for storage.

Check you’re finished listed and place them in order of preference, it is no point in getting the gutters cleaned after you have had the windows done!

The Finer Details team have an extensive database of services they can enlist for your tasks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips and Concierge Services or if you would like friendly professional help organising your life and home contact us now.

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