The missing lids

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How can we be missing the lid? The container hasn’t left the kitchen!

But as elusive as the sock in the washing machine the lids from our plastic containers seem to vanish is a puff of Morning Fresh.

The trouble is we have too many plastic containers, lunch boxes, drink bottles, bits for this and bits for that, when really all we need is a small selection of good quality containers that are multipurpose.

Who still owns a jelly mould, and when was the last time you dug that out of the back of the cupboard and used it?  Ahh but what if!!

You don’t need to hang onto a plethora of containers in the vague hope that ONE DAY you may need them!

There are a few containers that you will use religiously because they suit your lifestyle so put them to one side and start to really evaluate the others and declutter.

  • Match the lids to the containers
  • Put aside any that are brittle, warped, and damaged/broken or have bits missing.
  • Double and triple ups of things not used are just taking up room these can be donated if in good condition
  •  Remove any that are stained from stained or discoloured, click link for further information
  • Consider keeping items that are from the same set or family as they will store easier than odd bits
  • Decide if you are going to store lids attached in separate and if so house lids in a container

You should by now have removed the bulk of your plastic chaos and are left with a select group of useful items that will serve the needs of you and your family.

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