Restyling your master bedroom

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If you are moving or restyling your master bedroom you only need to know 10 things to get the process right.

Before you make any plans, have a plan!

1. A pen and paper is all you need to start…….There are many floor-plan apps for your phone or iPad but a pen and paper is just as quick and handy.  Add in length, by width, by height, where any of your doors and windows are located and you are now ready to design and style your bedroom.

2. Would you like to add in new furniture? Now armed with your plan, pop into one of your favourite bedroom furniture stores and get a feel for sizes and colours. This is the most important piece in your room and making the right decision here will affect the rest of the space, if you already have a bed take off the sheets and quilt down to the mattress while you are making your styling decisions. Now make sure you are happy with the placement before adding in your bedsides.

3. Layer by Layer is the next phase. Only take back into your room the bare essentials, chair, bed end, tall boy. You can place these in the best places without “things around” This will give you a sense of space and what your room needs or can handle.

4. The next layer is your sheets and quilt cover, this is a big factor in your styling. If you are not sure of your favoured styling, stay with something plain and textured and add a decorative throw rug or blanket.

5. Add in your bedside lights next. Generally you don’t want them to sit higher than the headboard or pillows and make sure they suit the styling you have chosen. Again a plain base and decorative shade can work well if you would like to change your colours regularly otherwise a timber base and white or linen shade will work with most styles.

6. Now you can decide on artwork, and non-essentials like bedside decor…..Vases, photo frames, candles and flowers are the most common items but it really depends on your eye for details.

7. The last layer is too decide on your window coverings. Do they need an upgrade, do they need more light filtering or do they need more colour. These decisions will help you break down your research. Personally I like 2 sets of window coverings, a blind plus a curtain. This is not for everyone but it helps filter light and add a decorative element to your master bedroom

8. Cushions are your last addition as these are purely for that stylish, visual bounce of colour. They should never be considered the forever item and plan to change them every 12 months if possible. All you need is some awesome inserts and you can change your covers quickly and cheaply. You will also need to find what number of cushions suit you. 1-4 is the usually on a single-double bed and 4 plus for a queen or king.

9. Lastly step back and take in your room as a whole. Do you feel it needs anything more or do you feel you may need to remove 1 or 2 items.  It is common to get excited during the process of re-styling and adding in too many items can happen. There is nothing wrong with returning items if your space ultimately does not need them. Alternatively, you can keep the extras in your cupboard and use them to create a change in a few months’ time by adding them in and taking something else out.

10. Now its time for you to enjoy your new bedroom. Take it in and relax.

Written by Kirstie Castanga from Elements at Home

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