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Just before the new year I did one of my regular de-clutters on my home.  Maintenance is key to ensuring our homes don’t get cluttered and I regularly go through my things to weed out any unused or unneeded items and making space for the things I really love.

When I got to my living room I came up with the somewhat drastic decision to get rid of my TV.  Even though I don’t watch TV a lot, I do find that sometimes I just turn it on because it’s there, so I was excited by the idea of seeing what would happen if I got rid of it.

Not being very materialistic it wasn’t a hard decision to sell my old clunky TV.  So I put an ad on Gumtree to sell it for a nominal fee, and get it out of my home.  It was very interesting  to see some of my friends reactions to this – some were horrified that I would not only get rid of my TV but make no money out of it.   Not focusing on my decision to get rid of the TV because I wanted to do other things.

It was a moot point in the end as no one wanted my old fashion TV, and the efforts to cart it away outweighed my thoughts on seeing what would happen if I didn’t have a TV.

So last night, my TV died and once again my thoughts went to not replacing the TV and seeing what would happen without one.  And once again I got strong reactions from friends, different friends than before too!  This time people were finding spare TV’s for me and were most concerned at the thought of me without a TV.

Now as with most things this is an experiment and I may find that I want another TV, but I’m curious to see what will happen when I make space, what other things are going to come into my life and how I will spend the extra time.

It also brings me to another interesting thought.  There are 4 categories of clutter, with one of them being Bargain clutter (free or very cheap items acquired at sales, from friends or family which we have difficulty getting rid of because they were so cheap).  Are the fears my friends had on my behalf similar?  And what is that fear?  What happens when we put a monetary value on something instead of looking at whether we need it or want it.  How easy is it  to allow clutter to affect our lives when we look at our belongings in this way?

I appreciate all my friends concern and generosity and would like to decline all offers of free TV’s.  Instead I’m busy thinking how I will rearrange the room so the big black box is no longer the focus, looking at what other things I can do in my spare time and looking forward to seeing whether anything new and exciting will happen.

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