Lessons learned in 2015

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Lessons learned

You are never too old to learn something new so I would like to share the some of the things I learned in 2015.

  • Do it now – we hear this often but this year some occurrences made me stop and think about doing things for me and making the best use of the time I have as often as I can
  • Don’t carry grudges – they are energy and mood wasters. If you can’t forget at least move on and give the issue no more thought
  • Wear your best dress, use the good dishes what are you keeping them for? If they wear out or get damaged they can always be replaced but it would be a shame not to have enjoyed them at all.
  • I look better with eyebrows – a child of the 70’s I over plucked so in 2015 I rectified the issue and WOW I look so much more awake with eyebrows
  • It doesn’t need to be perfect. Whether it’s a meal, a friendship, a marketing plan whatever it is,  just make a start and put in time and effort the rest will happen

So what did you learn in 2015?

It needn’t be momentous life lessons but as long as you are learning more about yourself, life and those around you, your life is having purpose and growth.

Looking forward to my lessons of the coming year and the people that I will meet along the way who may share their lessons with me.

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