Label your cabels

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Label your cables

January is usually a quiet working month and a great time to get more organised, with this in mind I would like to show you a couple of simple solutions (and a competition…) to help get un-wired and look after your cables.

If you have a myriad of different electronic devices, then you will have the cables that go with them.  Cables can very easily become hard to manage and I have seen a variety of ways that they are stored – from keeping them in the original box (a very bulky way to store them – read my post on how to get rid of all those boxes), to being in a tangled mess in a drawer.

Once the cable becomes separated from the device, they all start to look the same and it can become very annoying and time consuming to find and untangle the cable you are looking for.

To help combat this – Stick’nGo have a great labelling solution for your cables – (and enter our competition for the chance to win one of two Stick’nGo label packs). You can choose from pre-printed labels or blank labels.


Features of the labels are:

  • Stickn’Go labels instantly identify computer, office & portable device cables, by colour & by name
  • 5  vibrant Cable Label pack colours are available –  Blue, Musk, Grey, Lime and Multi-Colour
  • Stickn’Go Label Design enables easy labelling of electronic cables and power cords of various diameters
  • Stickn’Go labels ‘wrap around & lock-on’ to cables and device straps, protecting valuable equipment
  • printed on a flexible, hi-tech material, providing strong, durable and waterproof cable identification

To find out more and to buy the labels visit their website

Stick’nGo® Competition

Let me know in 50 words or less why you struggle with your cables and how Stick’n Go will help.  Competition ends on 1st February 2010 – competition will be judged by David from Stickn’Go and 2 winners selected:

First prize: a Deluxe 52 Cable Label pack for best entry.

Second prize: a Multi-colour 32 Cable Label pack for the runner-up

Quick tips on organising your cables

  1. Match your devices with the correct cables. This is a great time to de-clutter your cables…you will probably find a couple of cables from devices you got rid of years ago!
  2. Decide the best place to keep your cables – all together so that you only have one place to look or close to where you use (or charge) the device.  What would work for you – if you have them dotted around the place will you struggle to remember where you put them?  Would a drawer or labelled container work for you.
  3. Bundle each cable together and secure with ties, rubber bands or use zip lock bags to keep them in.
  4. Label each wire with Stick’nGo labels to make it easy to find which wire belongs to what:
    1. When using blank labels, we recommend you put the owners name on the label (not necessary if you live alone!) as well as which device the cable is for.
    2. Record the warranty expiry date and shop name on appliance cords, so you instantly know if broken appliances can be replaced under warranty.
    3. Record the customer assistance line (i.e. ‘help’ line) on your computer and home theatre cables, for easy technical and warranty help – no panic!

The Finer Details team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips and Concierge Services or if you would like friendly professional help organising your life and home contact us now.

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