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Most of us love new kitchen gadgets and have no doubt over the years had gadgets galore with little use during the time we own them.

So what is it that attracts us to buy them for ourselves or others?

Do they really save time or are they just another time waster?

The time spent getting it out, re-read the instructions, have a couple of practice runs and then there is the cleaning up as they most always have way too many parts.

Agreed there are many a useful kitchen appliance that has been invented, I for one would find it difficult to live without my dishwasher and coffee machine.  But I admit I have also been the reluctant owner of a donut maker, popcorn machine and ice-cream maker.

So let us begin the de-gadget.  Where are your gadgets housed? If they are not somewhere handy there is a good chance they have not been used for quite some time. Put them all on your bench and first check all the parts are there.

Be realistic with your future use of the item:

  • If its not been used in 6 months chances are it won’t be used in the next 6.
  • Any you really have to keep should be cleaned and given a maintenance check before putting back into the cupboard.  Place a small sticker on side with the date it was checked
  • Don’t forget to give the dishwasher a good clean as well. A cup of vinegar on the full cycle will get rid of a lot of built up grime.

Don’t forget next time it’s someone’s birthday or it’s Christmas, think twice about giving that gadget/appliance – do they really want it?

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