The Junk Drawer!

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We all have a junk drawer, some of you may have more than one, but generally it is the bottom drawer in any kitchen across the country.

Why is there such a thing? We accumulate so many bits and pieces that don’t really belong anywhere and there are not enough to create a single space for each or we are just busy and it is an easy option so we combine them all into one and lovingly call it our Junk Drawer!

I recently cleaned mine out and re-housed the items there were not regularly used, like the birthday candles, napkin rings and table decorations.

The candles are now with all my birthday wrap and cards, napkin rings and table decorations are with the linen in separate box.  Now this leaves space for the specific kitchen items like the electric carving knife, egg beater, twine for cooking etc.

So what is in your junk drawer that can be placed somewhere else, thrown or donated?  As with mine I am sure there are items in there that you have forgotten you had and possibly never used.  Do you really need to keep them?

Are there items like batteries, cords, tape, and light globes all randomly thrown in?

Organise the contents of your drawer into groups of like items and see if there are some that can be stored elsewhere like in the garage or laundry freeing up the space for more kitchen related things.  Use plastic containers to group items and store neatly.

Stores like Howard Storage actually have junk drawer organisers but you can quite easily use take away food containers or other small baskets depending on the height of your drawer to keep things in place.

Now you should have a clear view of the things in your bottom drawer.

Well done, one more job ticked off the list.

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