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We are fortunate in Australia to be guaranteed of a hot summer but for some it can be a time of trepidation as fire season draws near.  Bushfires are indiscriminate and can happen any day any time.  Fire season in WA generally runs from November to April but as we all know these sorts of things cannot be set in stone so the best defence is to be prepared.

DFES has a great website with an abundance of information to help you get ready for a hot summer. But here are a few quick tips to get you started, especially if you live in a bushland area or there is previous history of fires in the surrounds

  • Check your insurance is adequate for your home and vehicles
  • Ensure all smoke alarms are in good working order
  • Replace the battery on April 1st every year
  • Make sure your property is free from trees and shrubs surrounding your home
  • Have a bushfire survival plan – make sure all residents in your home are aware of the procedure
  • If your plan includes locating yourself to a safer place make sure someone else knows where that is
  • Prepare a bushfire survival kit – spare keys, phone charger, medication, first aid kit, torch etc.
  • Ensure you have backup or copies of important documents ready at hand (insurance policy, will, contact numbers etc.)
  • Keep all valuables in an easy to access location
  • Have some spare can food, water and utensils

The main focus is personal safety and although property can have much sentiment and value attached it is you and your loved ones who need to be protected.

Don’t leave this preparation to the last minute as your most valuable possesions are worth more thought.

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