Holiday preparation

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If you are planning a getaway over Christmas/New Year your holiday preparation should start now even if it is just in the form of a checklist to ensure all things are done.

Leaving your home empty is not a preferred option but as long as you prepare for unforeseen events it can be managed.

  • Security lights – ensure they are working and sensors are turned on. Have light timers on inside the house as well to come on at times you would normally be home
  • Spare key – give to a neighbour or friend so they can check on things if needed. Another option is to have a portable key safe attached somewhere out of sight
  • Reticulation – test and set timers so gardens stay in shape
  • Mail – put out a No Junk Mail sign or arrange for Australia Post to perform a temporary hold on your mail while you are away – or get a neighbour or friend to regularly empty your mail box
  • Cancel any regular deliveries – Newspaper, milk, groceries, water etc.
  • Gardener – If you are away more than a couple of weeks ensure your lawns are mowed and the garden doesn’t’ t look obviously un-kept if it is usually neat and tidy
  • Bins – make sure they are empty and not overflowing
  • Answering machine – have this diverted to your mobile phone or someone else so it is not obvious you are not getting messages
  • Fridges/freezers – turn on holiday mode temperatures as they are not getting opened so will freeze up quicker
  • Hot water systems – turn off
  • Put away out of sight anything that could be used to access your home – ladders, tools. garden furniture etc.
  • Leave your itinerary with someone

If going away for an extended period get someone to pop in at least each week and check everything is as it should be, your Finer Details consultant can assist if you require.

Notify your alarm company, your neighbours and the local police station if you don’t have close friends and family and leave someone with contact details.

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