Hiring a Professional Organiser – what to expect?

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Hiring a professional organiser

Some of our clients can be a little apprehensive when making the decision to contact a professional organiser as they are unsure of the process and how we will assist them.

Making the call can be daunting so to help put you at ease we have listed our process.

A brief outline of how we operate:
  • On arrival we will assess the area that you have chosen as your priority
  • We will set up a station away from the clutter area as it can be difficult work in a space that has excess belongings
  • Finer Details supply our own tables, containers for sorting and other necessary tools of the trade
  • At no time do we dictate or instruct you to throw away, give away or donate your possessions
  • With our guidance and experience we assist you in making the right choices for your life
  • We provide tips and hint on how to store and organise your belongings
  • As part of our service we are able to deliver your charity items (as much as we can fit in our vehicles)

Although a feeling of lightness and inspiration is common, many of our clients feel exhausted after the session.

Working through your possessions and making decisions can be emotional and tiring so schedule a rest afterwards.

We are compassionate, non-judgmental and guarantee 100% confidentiality.  There are many testimonials from happy clients on our website and Facebook page to read that demonstrate our empathy and level of professionalism.

Always happy to have a chat to see if hiring a professional organiser is the right decision for you.

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