Hiding from the clutter

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Stop hiding from the clutter.

One of the most common reasons why my clients say they hire a Professional Organiser is because de-cluttering with family members has ended in arguments and they want someone independent to help them.

So if you have come across this issue and still don’t want to hire a Professional Organiser, here are some tips to help stop arguments:

Who could help you instead

Consider enlisting the help of a friend – having a third party who is completely removed from the situation can help defuse arguments.  Pick someone who you won’t lose the friendship over or have your other family members feel that they are being ganged up on.  A mutual friend would be better.  You could even repay them by doing the same for them.


If you end up arguing over whether to keep an item, the chances are only one of you has an emotional attachment to the item and it is not recognized by the other person.  Talk about it, what is the emotional attachment, what are the reasons behind wanting to keep and get rid of the item – is it memorabilia?  If it is memorabilia and something you decide to keep, does it bring back good memories…..if it doesn’t, please think about why you want to keep hold of something that does not bring you joy.

A memory box is great for keeping anything that is meaningful, special or personal  – something that tells a (happy) story. Anything that is memorabilia and not in a frame or that you don’t want on permanent display I would suggest placing it in a memory box.  The box could be decorative and kept on display or in a plastic container stored safely away in a storage area.


If you can’t come to a unanimous decision and the item is not memorabilia, consider how to get a result without hurting feelings.  One suggestion would be to make a deal that if the item hasn’t been used by a certain date (depending on what it is – 3 months, 6 months or a year), that you will donate or sell it.  Depending on the size of the item, you could store the item(s) in a sealable container labeled with the date you stored it and the future date you will make your decision on.  So that you don’t forget I’d also suggest you add your decision making date to your calendar.

Take a break

When you schedule in time to de-clutter, don’t forget to schedule in breaks.  If you start to get tired, don’t keep going, take a break – going for a walk and getting fresh air is a great way to rejuvenate.  Arguments are easily started when one or both of you are tired.

What is it costing you

If none of the above works, compare how it feels to have an unorganized area against paying to get assistance.  If your thoughts are continuously filled with thinking about the mess, and you haven’t been able to solve the problem on your own, what are you going to do?  Most Professional Organisers will give you a free initial consultation so that you can meet with them and discuss your needs, it’s a great way to meet the person and see if you would be happy for them to work with you.

Professional organisers have lots of experience in sorting out clutter and solving your organising problems.

If you live in Perth and would like to meet me, please contact Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Services

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