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Who do we help? - Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Perth

Who do we help, how do we help them and what impact has it had on their lives?

Marie is single, works for a national corporation, studies part time and has a busy social life as well as fitting in exercise and hobbies.

Most days Marie has little free time between all her commitments and household duties, the days, weeks and months all seem to fly by.

This year Marie has pledged to take more control over her life and the first step was to hire a Personal Concierge service to help keep things under control.

Getting those dripping taps fixed, quotes for a new pergola, find a reputable dry-cleaner and help her organise her study and bathroom are the first tasks to tackle.

Marie rotates between a declutter one month and errands the next, which has already enabled her to having completed a bit off her list and is feeling the anxiety gradually lifting, knowing that she has someone to call on who will help elevate some of the stresses in her life.

Beth and Adrian run a very successful business as well as having 3 school aged children and are very active in their community.

Beth’s time is stretched between her work commitments, running the kids to all their activities, shopping for food, gifts, and clothes for the family.

When something needs doing or breaks down Adrian usually gets the task of finding someone or something to fix it. Invariably work demands take over and it just gets put on the never ending list. Social get together seem to get further and further apart as they take time to organise and schedule and the annual family holiday is always at the same place as finding somewhere new is just too hard.

At her wits end Beth sees a Facebook ad and calls Finer Details  and quickly decides on her first list of tasks.

Now the reticulation has been fixed and reset, regular gardener has been arranged as well as annual window and gutter cleans. Pool pump repaired and competitive quotes received for a new shed and solar panels. This years holiday is something different and long overdue get together with friends has been planned.

There is still so much more to go but Beth and Adrian are feeling like life is back on track.

Kim and Paul are busy professionals who both travel and work long hours

It is often difficult to schedule service providers to come to their home as travel if often unplanned.

In addition their family are all on the east coast and they don’t wish to impose on their friends to monitor their home while they are away or wait sometimes hours for servic providers.

Fortunately Kim was referred to our services by a colleague and was impressed at the range of services offered

We regularly source a range of services for Kim and Paul and have become their one point of contact for all communication and payments making life more streamlined for this time poor couple.

Affectionately known as their part time “wife” Finer Details handle the domestic responsibilities of their lives while they spend their down time enjoying socialising and hobbies.

To find out more about our packages and pricing, contact one of your Finer Details consultants today.

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