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Growth and Change

Time to say goodbye to another year  of rewards and lessons, failures and successes, of meeting new people and saying goodbye to others and another year of growth and change in ourselves and our business.

Without growth and change life is a rotation of days with no purpose and meaning.  The evolution in ourselves need not be large or even significantly noticeable to others, just ourselves.

What are some the changes you want for 2017 and are you placing too high an expectation that will result in a failure to complete?
  • Get fit – just start with a walk 2-3 times a week and if that is all you can manage well that is progress
  • Eat healthy – swap out one or two bad habits eg: no more soft drink before or after a certain time of day, add one piece of fruit after lunch.
  • More time for me – make it a priority to take care of yourself.   Plan to read or listen to 10 pages of a book each day or spend some time pampering yourself either at home or at a salon each month, whatever YOU need to recharge.
  • Be in touch more often – schedule catch ups, either by phone, skype or in person.  Technology means we are not too far away from anyone we really want to be in touch with
  • Learn – a new language, an instrument or something bigger. Just choose one thing at a time and buddy up with someone who will keep you on track
  • Give up a bad habit – as with the eat healthy, remove one part of the day/week that the habit is void from and grow the time slot over a period
  • Check-ups – teeth, skin, other medical procedures.  So many places take online bookings now so you don’t need to remember to call during business hours – jump online now!

With all these things they take time and they take scheduling, put them in whatever system you use to keep track of appointments etc. and make a commitment.

Remember little and often is progress, don’t give up when you hit a speed bump, just dust yourself off and continue on.

We would love to hear of your success’s either on our Facebook page, via email or in person.

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