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Not able to just wash and wear, my hair requires products and grooming gadgets to look even remotely presentable.

Some say they would kill for my curls until I explain even some of the process, products and gadgets that I have used to tame my mane. Wild and woolly is not even close some days when it decides to take on its own personality and go exactly where it wants !!!

I am not fortunate to have the luxury of endless bathroom storage so it has been a continual process to ensure I keep the gadgets and products in an easy to access and uncluttered manner.

The system that i have found that works for me is baskets, just the plain white plastic type you can buy at any department store or hardware. They range in size and style to suit almost space and purpose. Affordable and without the nuisance of  lids, I can see what I want at a glance.

Here is a list of how I group my hair gadgets, products and accessories.

  • Brushes and combs
  • Hair elastics, bands and clips. Small pieces can be stored in individually
  • Tongs, straightener and hairdryer
  • Products

This system works for me but there are so many other options available and the over the door pocket system springs to mind for its portability and flexibility.Able to be purchased with different sized pockets and in colours if you so wish.

Think outside the box and look at other organising options that may suit your purposes. The main goal is to have what you need close at hand and remember if it is broken or unused donate or bin.

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