Grief and Loss

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Grief and loss is an emotional roller coaster

We often assist clients dealing with the pain of becoming widowed.

A future once planned has been destroyed by ill health or unfortunate accident.

Left alone to not only cope with perhaps a young family but also the range of feelings that engulfs their day and the errands that seem too consuming to bear.

Quite often the worst has passed by the time our clients find us, as when their needs are at the greatest they are in no position to think straight to ask for help or perhaps even want strangers entering their crumbling world.

Often the biggest task is paper, the never ending cycle that comes into our homes that requires a decision or an action.

What do I do, what would they have done, what would they have wanted?

The thought of standing in a queue to explain to someone why your deceased partner cannot be here to answer these questions in person, all the while feeling the eyes of the line behind you and trying so very hard not to break down….again.

Waiting for an hour on the phone after the myriad of steps it took to get you to the “please hold music” has tested your patience on more than one occasion.

It becomes easier to add to the growing pile of unanswered paperwork and continue on with your grief, trying all the while to smile and show the world that you really are ok.

A personal concierge service is not for the wealthy and ladies who lunch.

It is a service available for everyday people trying to cope with their everyday lives the best they can and sometimes just not quite making headway.

It is for those whose partner was the paperwork Queen/King and now they are left not knowing where to start and it is for those who just have a To Do List that is growing and want some help to tick off a few thing so they can breathe again.

The Finer Details team are here to help and take care of you or someone you care about.

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