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Do you only bring out the Good Gear when the relatives come over or when you have friends for a dinner party?

How often does the Good Gear actually get used?

Isn’t every day and occasion with your family and friends whether it be all or just one of them special?

Have you got a bunch of miss-matched day to day crockery, cutlery and glassware that perhaps house cracks, chips and worse of all bacteria?

Place all your items, out where you can see exactly what you own, if you have large quantities do it in stages crockery, cutlery and glassware.

Start by removing all pieces that you don’t particularly like, or they may be a used/unloved gift or heirloom.

Anything that is broken, chipped, tarnished, cracked or odd pieces decide whether they can they be fixed or perhaps utilised somewhere else in the home if they possess some sentimental value, maybe as decorative pieces?

If you really can’t imagine them being used, it’s time to say goodbye.

Place the remaining pieces in like groups (cups with cups etc.)  and view with an objective eye.

If they are of value either dollar wise or have an emotional worth does the rest of the family appreciate them or will they just be disposed of when you are no longer around to care?

The answer lies in firstly understanding these are just things, the sentiment and the memories lie in your heart and head. The appreciation comes in using them and enjoying the memory daily and for the purpose they were created.

Pick some pieces to keep for “Best” if you struggle with not having anything tucked away. But the rest should be shown the love they deserve and be adorned with the creations you bake, make and provide your home and guests.

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