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So why is it called a glove box because the majority of us don’t own gloves let alone store them in the car!

When the automobile was first invented there were no such things as heaters so the drivers were forced to wear heavy gloves to keep hands warm while driving and stored them in the metal compartment renamed the glove box.

For many it is now a storage solution for a range of items most of them not required in your vehicle, let alone this usually smallish space. The glove box should be only used for the following :

  • Owners manual
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • Emergancy contact details
  • Specific medical conditon
  • Wipes and tissues
  • Pen and paper if you don’t have a smart phone
  • Spare sunglasses if you wear them

The other bits and peices stuffed in to the glove compartment in your car can be sorted and re-housed elsewhere.  Your car should be used a vehicle to get from A to B not a garbage bin or dumping ground. Take pride in your car and ensure it is maintained and cleaned regularly.

Our team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Car Organisation Tips or if you would like friendly professional help organising your vehicle contact us now.



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