Getting organised for Christmas – 2 weeks to go

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Carrying on our countdown to Christmas…

This week is all about getting ready for the deluge!

If you have been eating things out of your fridge, freezer and pantry – it will be easier to clean before it is stocked again.  Clean these this week and then go shopping for your Christmas non- perishables.

De-clutter rooms:

Living areas– pack away any excess ornaments to make room for the festive ones.  These could be stored in the boxes the Christmas decorations come out of, making it easty to swap back after Christmas.

If you don’t have your Christmas decorations in one designated area, allocate one now and buy storage containers ready to put things away after Christmas.  Measure up your storage area and  Christmas decorations to ensure you get the right containers first time.

Get the kids to pick toys to give away to charity, it’s great to instil the joy of giving and will make room for all the new toys.

Child’s bedroom before

Child’s bedroom after


De-clutter your wardrobe and start to plan what you will wear when.

Declutter your spare room ready for guests.  Don’t forget to make room for their belongings in the wardrobe, dresser and side tables.  And have a reading lamp, fresh towels and linen.

Clean the de-cluttered areas as you go.

Now for the fun part – putting the decorations out and decorating your home.  Look to see what needs new batteries and bulbs.  Add any needed items to your shopping list in your Organiser (if you didn’t do this last week!).  If you find any of your decorations are looking a bit old and need replacing, start a new list in your Organiser under your shopping tab for items to buy in the sales.  Also note wrapping paper and Christmas cards – it’s much more economical to buy these in the sales just after Christmas and store them ready for next year.

Take clothes to the dry-cleaners if you need something for Christmas.  Make sure you confirm the item will be ready in time for your event.

Think about how you will set up your festive table and check your table clothes, decorations, china, serving pieces are all ready.  Note any items you need to get in your Organiser shopping list.

Go shopping for all the new items that have been added to your shopping list.

If you want help getting started and would like a Christmas organiser template – contact Sara at and I will email you a template.


  1. Clean your fridge, freezer and pantry
  2. De-clutter, donate and clean rooms
  3. Store away excess ornaments
  4. Put your decorations out
  5. Check linen, dishes and table decorations are ready to be used for festive meals
  6. Contact Finer Details if you live in the Perth area and need help

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