Getting organised for Christmas – 1 week to go

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Getting organised for Christmas 1 week to go

getting organised for Christmas 1 week to go



Christmas is almost here and if you have been following my previous posts, I hope you feel calm and prepared.

This week I suggest you:

getting organised for Christmas 1 week to go Set up an area to wrap gifts, have a container or basket with cellotape, scissors, ribbons, gift tags and a nice pen and wrap presents this week.  If you have a lot of ribbon reels, use a paper towel dispenser to store them on.  An alternative to using a container to store wrapping paraphernalia – use an over the door see-through shoe organiser to store the items in.

TIP: permanently store the container near wrapping paper, so that gift wrapping becomes easy all year round

Gift wrapping tips:

  • If you or your children are creative, buy large sheets of plain or butcher paper and decorate festively for hand-made unique wrapping paper.
  • For large gifts – buy a festive disposable table cloth to use as wrapping paper.
  • For those of us who don’t have very good ‘wrapping’ skills – Buy plain white boxes to put the gifts in and decorate with a strip of festive wrapping paper and a ribbon, both wrapped around the centre of the box.
  • To make odd shaped gifts easier to wrap, find a box to place them in first.
  • Buy a second hand or cheap children’s Christmas illustrated book and use the pages as wrapping paper for smaller items.

If you can, set the Christmas table a couple of days in advance.  Make festive name tags and get out the serving dishes.

TIP: Note which dishes will be served on individual post-it notes and stick them on the serving dishes, this way you won’t double up on anything.

getting organised for Christmas 1 week to go

At the end of this week  buy Christmas meal perishables and any other last minute items that have been added to your shopping list.

Keep your Christmas organiser up to date and note anything that didn’t work, or was forgotten this year – keep it for next year, it will make organising it so much easier.

If you want help getting started and would like a Christmas organiser template – contact Sara at and I will email you a template.


  1. Set up your gift wrapping station and wrap gifts
  2. Set your festive table a couple of days in advance
  3. Last minute shopping
  4. Update your organiser ready for next year
  5. Contact Finer Details if you live in the Perth area and need help

Happy holidays!

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