Get more out of your weekend.

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Do you want get more out of your weekend?  You need to plan it like you would most things in life, so the hours and days (there are only two) don’t whiz past and you feel like you haven’t had time for you.

1. If you have any errands to do, get them done as early as possible, this way if the unexpected happens (friends calling in, invitation to go out etc.) you can go knowing that you have those little things done.

3. Plan an activity, whether it be a movie, dinner, show, art gallery visit or just a long walk and a coffee. Having an activity planned ensures you don’t waste away the hours and it also gives you something to look forward too.

3. Schedule in at least one hour on both days where you have me time to relax, sit in the sun, read a book, have a bath or just call a friend for a catch up. Time just for you is important, you don’t have to justify the time and it is just about you and the space you are in.

Make sure the days are not jam packed from start to finish or you will start Monday exhausted again, as with most good schedules there should be blocks of time allocated for all that you wish to achieve, but there also has to be breaks in the day.  As it is the weekend the ratio of work to play should be less to ensure a good balance.

70/30  is a good place to start, it is unreasonable to expect there to be no errands involved unless you have the foresight to hire a Personal Concierge to ensure all those chores are done and the weekend is ALL YOURS.

Time spent with family, friends or just doing the things you truly enjoy can have immense impact on your health and well being. We all experience how quickly the days, weeks, months and even years are passing, so don’t let yours rush past so fast that you are not spending as much time as you possibly can enjoying the life you have been given and the people in it

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