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Free time – for so many people these days there is very little to none.

With the commitments between work, children, parents and pets the time we spend on ourselves gets less as the weeks, months and years fly by.  Remember your twenties, they certainly went quick!

See that teenager who is now driving weren’t  they only a two year old not long ago, and your parents who used to work full time have now retired to a life of grey nomading and/or have downsized from the family home. Getting the gist of how fast your life passes?

Time spent on mobile devices can eat up 15% of what leisure time we have which sometimes results in more stress because we action things straight away that could have waited!

If you are self-employed is it not time to take a look at your business and see if you can take some time out, after all was the freedom not part of the reason you wanted to work for yourself!

Here are some tips to get a little more from your week.

  1. Have some no technology rules e.g. rooms of your home, meal times, when out with friends, first or last hours of the day
  2. Plan your week on a Sunday and schedule in some time for yourself – yes occasionally things do not work out but if you plan them the chance of it going to schedule is a lot more likely
  3. Combine things you do – walk the dog while catching up with friends or family, make those catch up phone calls in the car – hands free of course
  4. Delegate some tasks and errands to others, perhaps outsource

Good chance you will never get everything on your list done so as Brian Tracy says “Eat that Frog” and do the worst and important jobs first and stress less about the rest.

“if you have nothing else in life you always have a choice

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