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Finer Details Personal Concierge Services and two clients were recently interviewed for a Scoop article ‘Nouveau Niche’, here is an excerpt from the feature article:

‘….a personal concierge can be hired by the hour to do anything that needs doing – from sourcing tradespeople to de-cluttering your home office.

“I think I can be more productive at work than dropping off my dry-cleaning – I would rather pay someone to do that. In the time saved I’m more focused on what I’m really good at and where my earnings come from,” she says.

Personal concierge services are an accepted part of the landscape overseas, where they have been growing exponentially for more than a decade. The phenomenon has been quietly blooming in Perth for a number of years.

A personal concierge can be hired by the hour to do anything that needs doing – from sourcing tradespeople to decluttering your home office.

“In an hour they can do five things, versus me dragging my eight-year-old around and trying to fit things in after work or before,” says Filipa.

“If I had to go and run all these errands my life would be a nightmare. When I pick up my daughter I like to focus on her 100 per cent until I put her to bed.”

Jeff Pow agrees. A single dad with a corporate lifestyle and three young children at school, he says things are at capacity.

“The challenge for the modern person is just saying no and allowing yourself a bit of space so that you can be a parent,” he says. “It’s money well-spent if a personal concierge does a task versus me doing that task.

How much do you value time ?


The article ‘Nouveau Niche’ was featured in the Autumn 2011 edition of Scoop magazine.

Read the full article by clicking on the picture below, Finer Details interviews are on page 4

Finer Details Personal Concierge Services features in Scoop Autumn 2011
Scoop Autumn 2011
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