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Are you festive ready? Got your jingle on? Or is the thought of the upcoming celebrations just reminded you of all the jobs around the house that you haven’t done?

Take a breath and sit quietly so you can write the list of the most important tasks you need to tick off, if you think of others that can wait, write them underneath or in another column as a reminder for when you are ready to tackle them.

Look at your finished listed and list them in order of preference for example, it is no point in getting the gutters cleaned after you have had the windows done!

Things you may need to look at are:

  • Book in advance for lawns to be mowed
  • Test air conditioner
  • Get gutters cleaned
  • Arrange for window cleaning
  • Cut any trees or bushes back that may be covering traffic areas
  • Have the gas bottle refilled
  • Check BBQ and make sure it is clean
  • Ensure all outdoor lights are in working order
  • Repaint or varnish outdoor furniture – check underneath for any damage, we don’t want Grandad falling through the chair before he has enjoyed his festive lunch!
  • Stock up on mozzie coils and outdoor pest control
  • Test hose,  taps and sprinklers as they may have gotten clogged since not being used
  • Look for any uneven paving or damaged decking that needs repairing
  • Have you a pool or spa that may require maintenance and checking
  • Make sure all items not required are put away in the shed, garage or store room. Even the side of the house can be utilised for storage.

You will be surprised at how quickly a few calls and a weekend of effort will see you check of the majority of these items if not all.

If other commitments are taking precedence, the team at Finer Details can assist you complete your list so you are able to relax with your family and friends knowing that all the maintenance jobs are done.

Our team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips or if you would like friendly professional help organising your home contact us now.

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