New Year declutter – liberation

by Sara Hall. Posted in Clutter, Home organising

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This has been such an exciting journey for me…although my home isn’t ever cluttered, I have held onto a couple of things from my past…

Growing up I was really passionate about art.  A passion that lasted into my early 30’s and one day just seemed to disappear.  Through the years I have got rid of most of my art stuff, but still held onto a few things in the hope that the passion would be reignited.  I’ve tried attending art classes and starting painting at home, but never felt any enthusiasm.

I put a bit of pressure on myself, not understanding how a passion could just disappear!  Not fully being able to let go of something I thought was a part of me.

Can you relate to this, with an area of your life?

My friend Anna, who is also a coach asked me once if it was not alright to just let go and accept that my life had changed.

It’s funny because I say similar things to my clients, but couldn’t quite see it for myself.   In fact Anna asked me that question about a year ago and it is only now that I have accepted that this is no longer a part of me.  It could be in the future but not now.

So this is it, the box of art stuff I had in my store room is gone and with much liberation I also threw away old school painting.  I looked at my old school paintings with a new light today, for the first time recognising the dark nature of the paintings which I now realise were influenced by my being bullied at school.  They have now been neatly folded and put into the bin, and with closing the lid, I farewell any negative feelings I have subconsiously held onto associated with this time.  Only leaving the strong person this experience also created 🙂

…as I like to say to my clients ‘I have now made room for the future’!

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