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by Heather Gibson. Posted in Errands, General, On your own, Organising children

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smiling family with a dog in the car

Does your family car accomodate kids, pets and weekly shopping?  Ferrying around the “whole family” while trying to do a myriad of tasks takes organisation if you wish to have some calm in your life.

With a couple of simple tips you can ensure the majority of these trips are stress free. Plan your week and make sure all the things you are going to need are in close to your keys, bag or something you won’t walk out and forget.

Have a separate bag  for the kids and pets and get in the habit of taking it with you every trip or you can leave it in the car, just replacing treats and drinks.  Depending on the age of your children you can have a game, book or activity, something to snack on (healthy treat) and a drink. Perhaps a spare t-shirt and for smaller children, spare underwear and pants. For the animals in your life a container for water, lead and some dried food will always come in handy.

These simple tips will help make car time alot easier and ensure your passengers are less likely to stress you out on the journey.

When doing the weekly shopping storing it in the car for the trip home can be made easier if you have a freezer bag for cold/frozen items, especially in the summer heat.  You can also purchase car boot organisers to hold items in place so when you arrive home the shopping isnt strewn around your back seat or boot.

Clean out your car from the weeks activities and start fresh that way you will always know where the soccer ball, netball bib and Rusty’s frisbee are next time you need them.

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Heather’s love of organising and helping others has been applied and developed over the years and in 2012 she realised that performing these roles was what gave her the most enjoyment and satisfaction.