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Little cat had trained the muscles

Is your laundry the dumping ground for pet items, shoes, sports gear and anything else that doesn’t have a home?  It is sometimes difficult to stop the ever growing piles when you don’t have effective storage solutions?

Without too much cost you can get organised and give yourself and those you live with, adequate spots to place and locate belongings and remove the dumping ground mentality.

  • Start with grouping all the different items together e.g. pets, sports, shoes etc. and see how much space each group will require to house efficiently
  • Evaluate the space – can you utilise the walls, backs of doors, above the washing machine or is there cupboard and floor space available that is not currently being utilised without impacting on the efficiency of the space
  • Do you have existing storage solutions (containers) that you could use
  • Are there items here that are also stored elsewhere in your home or are broken/unwanted

Now you have the base of a plan you can see what you may need to purchase or recycle and repurpose from other areas of your home to have the space work.

As mentioned in previous posts, over the door or wall pocket storage systems are great for easy access and viewing. Baskets that can be stacked or put on hooks to the wall also provide a good storage option as do metal rails for hanging items.

The choices are endless so there is no need to endure the chaos of the dumping ground any longer.  It may take a little trial and error to get it working but you have made a move in the right direction.

Our team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips or if you would like friendly professional help organising your home contact us now.


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