Dreaded gift buying for youth

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Dreaded gift buying for youth - Finer Details Concierge and Organiser Perth

Not all of us like to shop and for some the dreaded gift buying is the worse!!

Thinking of something to suit, that they will love, use and be grateful for is hard work, add the budget aspects into the mix and it can be a whole world of pain.

Over the next couple of blogs, we will tackle youth, teens and adults and see if we can alleviate some of you pain by giving some practical suggestions.

The first aspect you need to consider is that do you have to post or deliver and what limitations does that present?

Here is our list of top suggestions below:

  • Gardening kit – either flowers or vegetables. Most children like to play in the dirt and get excited by watching things grow – read more
  • Stationary – they all use if whether it be for school or home. Some fancy glitter or scented pens, sticker books in all colours and designs – suggestions here
  • Science – telescopes, chemistry, weather stations and more. Educate while they play.
  • Games – Spirograph, scrabble, Monopoly etc. All great family fun for the weekends and holidays
  • Group gift – contact other friends and family members and pool your resources to purchase one item rather than lots of smaller gifts
  • Time – my personal favourite. A date made for walk in the park by the river, along the beach. A picnic, the movies, a meal or an activity that you think would be nice to do together. The handmade or purchased voucher can be as simple or elaborate as you want but the feature will always be the same.

Before racing off to purchase any of the above or something else that has sparked your gift giving prowess, stop and think – do I think they will use it?

Please try to also consider how much and what type of packaging is attached as we should all try to aim to reduce waste.

Give with heart and purpose.

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